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Welcome to my website! Thank you for being here. Most people don’t know this, but before all this began I am working into public domain from last so many years and built philanthropic ventures. Today I am a Astrologer , Storyteller, Viral Content Creator , Political Strategist , Motivational Speaker and Experiment Maker. It’s been a mission of mine to spread knowledge at the pace we want entertainment, something I like to call making wisdom go viral. Since launching my channel in Social Media, I’ve garnered over 300 million views and 1.5+ million followers .

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P R A V E E N   J A I N   K O C H A R   H o s t s


We talk about the True Value of Human Being by showing the difference of our culture . How we change the possibilities of our mind and intelligence according to our situations. According to me every Human Born with some special work but he forget the power’s which is given by this Nature.

P R A V E E N   C O A C H E S   P E O P L E   &   T E A M S


If you like my videos, I have a pretty good feeling you’ll enjoy me live too. My love for speaking and coaching has landed me on many stages , But I do believe in Personal Transmission

P R A V E E N  M A K E S  V I D E O S  F O R  B R A N D S


If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to turn a message into an inspiring story that’ll impacts the masses. I work with Authors, Entrepreneurs, Politicians , Spiritual Gurus and Influencers to help them bring their stories to life. I’ve also had the opportunity to show my work with Social platform like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.

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Whether you’re a person trying become the best version of yourself,
a brand looking to start a new campaign, or a company on the
search for a keynote speaker, lets see how we could work together.

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